Whole tree physiological ecology research with special interest in interactions between trees, carbon, and water.

Advisor: David Eissenstat

Funding: Ecosystem Science and Management TA

Past Funding: DOE TES Program


Ecology PhD student, 2016 to present

B.S., Biology, Wake Forest University 2015

Research Summary:

I am interested in how tree fine root dynamics varies with soil moisture that is spatially structured by complex topography across a landscape. Additionally, I am working on how spatial patterns in soil carbon dioxide efflux are influenced by fine root dynamics within a forested ecosystem. Finally, I am studying how the invasive insect, Spotted Lantern Fly, affects the physiology of forest trees

Awards and Honors:

2016 George A. Downs Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Gamma Sigma Delta 2019

Environmental System Science PI Meeting Student Travel Fellowship Award

Contact information:
If you are interested in working with me or learning more about my projects, please email me at ejp25@psu.edu