Effects of climate change on root dynamics and phenology in Arctic tundra in southwestern Greenland

Laura making minirhizotron observations

Laura making minirhizotron observations

Laura is a PhD candidate in Ecology and funded by a University Graduate Fellowship, the ARCs foundation, and NSF (ARC, Arctic Systems Science-1107381)

Collaborators: Eric Post, Patrick Sullivan and Jeffrey Welker

This work takes place at a long-term study site in Greenland, where I will study the impacts of warming on low-Arctic tundra vegetation. My goal is to examine changes in belowground plant phenology, such as the timing of root production, in grasses and shrubs. This research will be used to improve understanding of ecosystem carbon exchange in a warming climate.

Awards and Honors

2012 University Graduate Fellowship, ARCs award

2011 Student Travel Award, Applied Ecology Section, Ecological Society of America (400.00)

2010 Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research (765.00)

Refereed Publications

Gonda-King, L., Radville, L., and E.L. Preisser. 2012. False ring formation in eastern hemlock branches: Impacts of hemlock woolly adelgid and elongate hemlock scale. Environmental Entomology 41(3): 523-531.

Radville, L., Chaves, A., and E.L. Preisser. 2011. Variation in plant defense against herbivores: evidence for a hypersensitive response in eastern hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis). Journal of Chemical Ecology 37(6): 592-597.