Patterns of variation in root lifespan in tree species

PhD in Ecology and Biogeochemistry (2012)

Co-advised by David Eissenstat and Erica Smithwick

Present address: Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resource Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This research was supported by the DOE Global Change Education Program, Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship and the National Science Foundation.

In ecology we seek to understand how multiple factors interact to impact a system. Continuing in this tradition I am interested in how many drivers, natural and human-induced, impact and potentially change terrestrial ecosystems. While my work demonstrates a particular interest below ground, my overarching goal is to provide insight into below ground processes and how they connect with and act as part of a larger whole. These efforts enable me to examine my study systems from multiple spatial and temporal perspectives ranging from a single tree root in an instant to whole landscapes over centuries.


Awards &Fellowships

Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship, Department of Energy. 2010-2013.

Andersen Travel Award. The Pennsylvania State University. 2011.

Brian Horton Award, Exemplary Service and Commitment to the Ecology Program, The Pennsylvania State University. 2010.

University Fellowship, The Pennsylvania State University. 2007-2008.

The Herbert J. Bailey Endowed Graduate Fellowship, The Pennsylvania State University. 2007-2008.

Graham Endowed Fellowship, The Pennsylvania State University. 2007-2009.

Dean's List, College of Charleston. 2005.

Student Undergraduate Laboratory Internship, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy. Summer 2004.


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