2019 Lab

2019 Lab

From left to right: Suzanne Fleishman, Margarita Fernandez, David Eissenstat, Jing Guo, Ismaiel Szink, Emily Lavely, Ted Primka, Wenqi Luo, Qicheng Tang

Suzanne Fleishman

My research examines how belowground competition by grass cover crops may improve vine production with a particular focus on how competition impacts deep root function.

Emily Lavely

I am interested in all aspects of whole-plant physiology and ecophysiology, with an emphasis in fruit crops and forest trees. My current research includes understanding the effects of spotted lanternfly feeding on aboveground plant physiology, nonstructural carbohydrates, and secondary metabolites in forest trees. Ongoing research includes understanding the effects of carbohydrate and nutrient availability on crop production, whole-tree physiology, and belowground interactions between roots, mycorrhizal fungi, and other soil microbes.

Edward (Ted) Primka

Whole tree physiological ecology research with special interest in interactions between trees, carbon, and water.

Ismaiel Szink

Effects of lithology on deep root exudates and regolith weathering in central Pennsylvania

Jing Guo

Effects of tree species and root order on soil properties and root-associated microorganisms.

Wenqi Luo

How root trait variation affects plant community assembly

Margarita Fernández

I am deeply motivated towards sustainable forest management based on multi-criteria decision making. My research looks to advance knowledge about carbon cycling in forests and how specific aboveground-belowground interactions shape fluxes and carbon reservoirs.