Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Research

From left to right: Rondy Malik, Suzanne Fleishman, Jing Wang, Emily Lavely, Ted Primka, Ismaiel Szink, David Eissenstat

My research examines how belowground competition by grass cover crops may improve vine production with a particular focus on how competition impacts deep root function.

Apple root and mycorrhizal fungal foraging strategies in nutrient-rich patches: linking aboveground carbohydrate demand to belowground processes

Plant soil feedback: the role of the rhizosphere in trophic interactions and litter degradation

Effects of topography and associated soil water content on tree fine root dynamics across a watershed

Research Associate. Coupling subsurface, land surface, ecosystem and atmosphere models

Effects of lithology on deep root exudates and regolith weathering in central Pennsylvania

Controls over Belowground Net Primary Productivity and Root Lifespan in Inner Monogolian Grasslands and Apple Orchards