Submit instrument training request: 

Contact the laboratory director by submitting a training request form.


Only after initial training by SRCL staff, the analyst (student, staff, faculty) will be given an access to the instrument sign-up calendar.  You must discuss the nature of the request, the method of analysis and health and safety issues prior to using the instrument. Analysis and laboratory use is on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Submit soil analysis request:

You are welcome to contact SRCL staff  to discuss details of your project, sample volume, turnaround time and total cost estimates. Analysis requests can be submitted using this link analysis request  form.


Rate Schedule

The SRCL perform the actual measurements/procedures for a user as well as train, answer any questions and provide technical aid when required. Most of the work performed in the laboratory is on a fee basis (see rate schedules below).

Rates definition:  

Rate 1. SRCL receives sample analysis request, and a user delivers the samples. SRCL staff perform sample preparation, measurement, data analysis and provide reports. Staff time instrument use and consumables are included in this rate.  

Rate 2 is the cost of instrument training. The training fee includes introduction to the underlying principle of the technique, instrument hardware and software, training materials, advice on method’s conditions and hand-on session to measure user’s sample. Depending on the complexity of the equipment, training can vary from 30 min to 3 hours for different instruments. The estimated training times are indicated in the table below.  

Rate 3 is established for the independent instrument use of a trained user. Rate 3 may be based per hour of instrument use, per number of samples or per measurement setting. When budgeting analysis cost, consider Rates 2 (training) and Rates 3 (independent use) together. In most cases, if many samples need to be analyzed, Rate 2+ Rate 3 will be lower than Rate 1 (analysis by staff). SRCL offers high volume discount for Rate 3 (techniques dependent).  


Instrument (inventory number) 

Rate 1 

Rate 2 

Rate 3 


Analysis request 

Instrument training 

Instrument use 




$51.56 per hour 

Based on 15 samples per hour + 1-hour calibration for common soil macro and trace elements. 

$180.92 per session 

Based on ~ 3hours of instruction time  

$30.73 per hour 

It takes from 3 to 15 min per measurement depending on the settings and element of interest 




$11.89 per sample 

Includes sample prep, measurement and data report 

$134.52 per session 

Based on ~2 hours of instruction time 

$5.28 per sample 

$4.2 per sample (20% discount) for 50 samples or more. 


CN analyzer 


$11.52 per measurement 

Includes sample prep, measurement, and data report 

$171.51 per session 

Based on ~2 hours of instruction time 

$6.49 per measurement 

$5.19 per sample (20% discount) for 50 samples or more. 


Muffle furnace 


$81.85 per furnace load 

LOI analysis 

$38.75 per session 

Based on up 30 min instruction 

$20.30 per 24 hours 

Retsch grinding mill 


$9.71 per sample 

Staff grounds sample for a user 

$44.29 per training session (up to 45 min) 


$2.45 per sample 

$2.0 per sample (20% discount) for 30 samples and up to 50 samples;$1.20 per sample (50% discount) for > 50 samples.


Pressure plate 


$87.94 per pressure plate 

About 7 samples fit into pressure plate 


$113.35 per training 

Based on 2 hours of instruction time and consumables 

$ 51.88 per pressure plate 

$8.5 per sample for one pressure condition based on 7 sample load 



$100.58 per run setup 

(5 samples per run)  

$111.35 per training 

Based on 2 hours of instruction time and consumables 

$49.03 per run 

(5 samples per run) 

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