Multi-user facilities are prone to safety and security breaches. Security measures taken by the SRCL include: (i) prevent intrusion of unauthorized persons into the laboratory premises and (ii) prevent the unauthorized removal or use of equipment and materials and supplies from the laboratory. Therefore, no hazardous materials and no laboratory users are allowed in the SRCL without permission from Dr. Bazilevskaya. In order to successfully implement our security measures, it is absolutely essential that SRCL doors are closed and locked when the laboratories are not occupied. The Pennsylvania State University does not have insurance to replace stolen equipment or belongings. The following guidelines are designed to improve safety and security in the SRCL and must be followed:

  • Do not pass on the SRCL key to unauthorized user(s). Access to the SRCL is limited to those individuals who sign up and are authorized to be in the laboratory.
  • Make sure that the SRCL doors are locked whenever the laboratory is left unattended, even if this is for a few minutes
  • Label your samples properly and do not leave hazardous materials unattended or unsecured at any time.
  • Access to the SRCL after the official hours of operation (8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday) has to be authorized by Dr. Bazilevskaya.
  • Approach any person you do not recognize and who appears to be wandering in SRCL areas and ask if you can help direct them.
  • Sign the instrument logbook before and after analyses and write the number of samples analyzed and comments on the performance of the instrument or equipment that you have used.
  • Do not bring in or take out any highly hazardous materials from the SRCL. Highly hazardous materials include infectious agents, toxins, radioactive materials, acutely toxic chemicals, carcinogens, teratogens, explosive or reactive chemicals, and compressed gases. For a list of biological diseases and chemical agents go to the CDC Web site.

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