Environmental Health and Safety

865-6391 for 24 hours/day response to emergencies including chemical spills and environmental contamination. Provides chemical safety training and fire safety education.

Penn State Police

Emergency -- 911. 24 hours/day service (police, fire, or medical) for any situation in which there is an immediate concern to preserve life or property.

Non-emergency -- 863-1111. 24 hours/day police and security related services for the Pennsylvania State University community.

Department and Faculty Emergency Numbers
Name Office Phone Cell Phone
Dr. Ekaterina Bazilevskaya +1-814-863-6714 +1-814-876-0452l
Brad Smith +1-814-865-6650 +1-814-321-6530 cell

Please feel free to contact the SRCL for further information. 

Dr. Ekaterina Bazilevskaya
Phone: (814) 863-6714
Cell: (814) 876-0452
E-mail: eab204@psu.edu

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management


117 Forest Resources Building
University Park, PA 16802