The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding alumni and to foster closer relationships between the award recipients and students, faculty, staff, and other alumni. All alumni of the School of Forest Resources and successor Department of Ecosystem Science and Management are eligible. This includes graduates of all associate, baccalaureate, master's, and Ph.D. programs. Also eligible are graduates of Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs (IGDPs) who were advised by a faculty member in the School of Forest Resources or successor Department of Ecosystem Science and Management. Awards may be made posthumously. The Outstanding Recent Alumni Award is designated for alumni who have graduated within the previous 10 years. Nominations are due September 30.

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Outstanding Alumni Award (PDF)
Outstanding Recent Alumni Award

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Outstanding Alumni Nomination Form (PDF)
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The first recipients of the School of Forest Resources Outstanding Alumni Awards were honored in 2001, and the first recipient of the Outstanding Recent Alumni Award was honored in 2003. The recipients of these awards to date (and the degrees they earned from Penn State's School of Forest Resources) are listed below. Click on each for a photo and biosketch.

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2019 Outstanding Alumni
2018 Outstanding Alumni
2017 Outstanding Alumni
2016 Outstanding Alumni
2015 Outstanding Alumni

Samantha J. Pedder, Paul R. Blankenhorn, Stephen C. Grado, Richard W. Guldin, Peter W. "Pete" Prutzman

2014 Outstanding Alumni

Robert L. Berg, Warren E. Frayer, Roy A. Siefert, Richard A. Werner

2013 Outstanding Alumni

Charles J. Barden, James M. Guldin, Steven W. Koehn, Robert D. Rorabaugh

2012 Outstanding Alumni

Carson G. Engelskirger, Stephen E. Fairweather, Thomas K. Fidler, Earl W. Hower, Steven F. Resh

2011 Outstanding Alumni

Jamie Dahl, William R. Donley, James C. Finley, Paul W. Shogren, Michael W. Tome

2010 Outstanding Alumni

Joseph E. Barnard, Malcolm H. Stehman, David J. Gustafson, Robert G. "Bob" Kintigh, Thomas. H. Yorke

2009 Outstanding Alumni

John C. Davies, Glenn P. Haney, Ralph E. Heilig, Keith D. Horn

2008 Outstanding Alumni

Henry D. Gerhold, George R. Kemp, Nelson S. Loftus, Charles H. Strauss, Lowell T. Underhill

2007 Outstanding Alumni

John A. "Jack" Byerly, Bruce M. Edwards, Marc D. Lewis, Harry E. Murphy

2006 Outstanding Alumni

Keith A. Atherholt, Alex W. Kirnak, Robert C. McColly, Darrel L. Williams

2005 Outstanding Alumni

Robert H. Bommer, Philip J. Craul, John T. Steimer, Richard G. Wallace, and Outstanding Recent Alumnus James J. Zaczek

2004 Outstanding Alumni

James R. Grace, James C. Nelson, Walter R. "Dick" Rossman, Alden "Denny" Townsend

2003 Outstanding Alumni

Joseph E. Ibberson, Gregory M. Schrum, Mark R. Webb and Outstanding Recent Alumnus Thomas L. Serfass

2002 Outstanding Alumni

Edward F. Kocjancic, Robert H. Rumpf, David L. Spencer

2001 Outstanding Alumni

William C. Bramble, Eugene Decker, Pamela J. Edwards, John C. Good

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