Center for Private Forests

The Center for Private Forests focuses on applied research, education and outreach to students, forest landowners, the forest-products industry, loggers, conservation districts, agencies, land trusts, nongovernmental organizations and the public.


The Center for Private Forests is a community committed to the stewardship of Pennsylvania's forested landscape. We bring people together to share knowledge and experience to care for trees, woods, water and wildlife. Our large network of volunteers and professionals work together to promote best practices in forest and habitat management, helping people regardless of their level of knowledge or acreage owned. The Center combines the benefits of both applied academic research and direct, local experience throughout Pennsylvania.

Center for Private Forests News

Forest? Woodland? - The Importance of Small Acreages in Stewardship
January 29, 2019
Smaller-acreage woodlands can play an important role in providing diversity of age and structure in forest habitat.
Once you’ve identified an egg mass, use a hard, flat edge to scrape the masses off of the surface and into a container filled with alcohol or hand sanitizer.(Photo by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.)
Seasonal Forest Health Note: Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses
January 11, 2019
We’ve now traded the growing season’s lively buzz for the still, quiet woods of winter, but even during this time of year, we can be proactive and vigilant in monitoring and managing forest health threats.
Update: Forestry and Conservation Programs in the 2018 Farm Bill
January 11, 2019
As of December 2018, after months of negotiations, the US House and Senate have reached agreement and will soon be sending the 2018 Farm Bill for final approval by the President. The Farm Bill continues to support farmers in producing food while also improving the natural resources upon which we all depend. The Farm Bill has played a significant role in helping people care for their woodlands since the bill’s Forestry Title was first created in 2002.