Center for Private Forests

The Center for Private Forests focuses on applied research, education and outreach to students, forest landowners, the forest-products industry, loggers, conservation districts, agencies, land trusts, nongovernmental organizations and the public.


Ensuring the health and vitality of forested landscapes.


Continuously improve the health and vitality of private forests.

Engage the public, landowners, and natural resources professionals, as a community, to apply sound stewardship practices to care for forest ecosystems.

Cultivate a model for applied excellence in sustaining our forests, drawing upon leading research and the direct experience of forest landowners.

Center for Private Forests News

A high-grade cut, where a logger takes the best trees and leaves the rest, typically leaves an unattractive woodlot with lower future value. Note that the forest shown has only small and low-quality trees from which to grow. (Photo by Chris Nowak)
Woodland Owners Harvest Their Trees for the Darndest Reasons
October 11, 2019
Learning from the Mistakes of Fellow Landowners.
Pennsylvania Forestry Association: Reflecting on the Past Four Years
October 11, 2019
Outgoing Pennsylvania Forestry Association (PFA) President Richard Lewis reflects on his four years in leadership of the organization.
Pennsylvania Tree Farm: Opportunities to Learn
October 11, 2019
Updates from the Pennsylvania Tree Farm Committee