Center for Private Forests

The Center for Private Forests focuses on applied research, education and outreach to students, forest landowners, the forest-products industry, loggers, conservation districts, agencies, land trusts, nongovernmental organizations and the public.


Ensuring the health and vitality of forested landscapes.


Continuously improve the health and vitality of private forests.

Engage the public, landowners, and natural resources professionals, as a community, to apply sound stewardship practices to care for forest ecosystems.

Cultivate a model for applied excellence in sustaining our forests, drawing upon leading research and the direct experience of forest landowners.

Center for Private Forests News

Socially Distant, but Naturally Near
March 25, 2020
Seeking Woodland Solace in the Face of Uncertainty
Promoting Forest Resilience in a Changing Climate
February 24, 2020
Is this winter’s weather a harbinger of a future driven by climate change? If so, how will Pennsylvania’s forests respond?
The Correctional Conservation Collaborative effort trains near-release inmates for work in the forestry and tree care industries (Photo by Shea Zwerver)
Correctional Conservation Collaborative: Forestry Workforce Development
January 14, 2020
“How do we grow more good jobs while conserving and improving our forests?” PA Governor Tom Wolfe asked the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR) in fall of 2015.