Resources for Woodland Owners

The Center for Private Forests at Penn State desires to assist private forest landowners. We encourage peer to peer learning through the PA Forest Stewards Volunteer program and woodland owners associations. We support direct education through programs like the Forest Landowners Conference and Penn State Extension. One of our targeted programs relates to forest legacy planning.

Held every two years, our Forest Landowners Conference focuses on the conservation and management of healthy forests with the intent of bringing together people who want to demonstrate a commitment to forest sustainability.

The fate of your land—and Pennsylvania’s natural resources—is in your hands.

Pennsylvania Forest Stewards volunteers are part of the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program. The program provides forestland owners with information and assistance to promote healthy and productive forests.

Woodland Owners Associations provide educational opportunities for members.

Education promotes understanding of a wide range of topics relevant to good forest stewardship. Webinars are recorded and archived for future viewing.

Riparian buffers are an important tool in helping to protect and ensure stream quality by providing critical barriers between polluting landscapes and receiving waterways. Use the resources here to learn how you can make a difference in stream health and vitality by implementing riparian buffers on your land.