Woodland Owners’ Invasive Plant Identification and Control Resource

Posted: July 14, 2017

Invasive plants are the scourge of many woodland owners. Trying to identify the pesky plants, knowing your control options, and keeping up on the latest invaders can be daunting.

As an undergrad studying Forest Biology at Penn State, I am working on a summer research project with the Center for Private Forests. My project is to develop a pocket identification guide for invasive plants in Pennsylvania that is easy and accessible to use out in the woods. You may be thinking, “Doesn’t a resource like that already exist?” You are partially correct. While there are many plant lists and resources for the treatment of invasive species available either online or in print, many landowners are still unable to identify these shrubs, vines, and forbs themselves, and indeed there is no guide specifically for Pennsylvania.

The purpose of this guide is not to reprint the information that is already available to you; rather, I am distilling identification facts into a straightforward, user-friendly book that will fit into your pocket. My hope is that this guide will help you understand and use those publications better, since you will know exactly what is growing on your property. There will be a section dedicated to highlighting online resources to find extensive treatment recommendations, and of course, expand your knowledge beyond what is in my guide.

I am now working through the first stage of development for the guide, which involves gauging landowner knowledge of and familiarity with certain plant species likely found on their property. This process involves a survey, which I invite you to take! Please note, no matter the size of your forested land, your input is important to me. Please visit the website to complete the survey.

I will complete this project by fall, and I hope you will sign up to receive of copy of the guide printed by Penn State Extension. Please (or call 814-863-0401) if you have any questions or comments, or if you would just like to have your name added to the recipient list! Thank you.

Contact Information

Sky Templeton
  • Forest Biology Undergraduate Student