Top Issues Faced by Woodland Owners

Hopefully your woodlands bring levels of satisfaction and enjoyment to life; however, you likely have questions, issues, challenges, and uncertainties associated with your land.

Why do you own woodlands? This is an interesting question, and one you have likely asked yourself. Individually, everyone likely has myriad reasons for holding woodlands. In this webinar, we look at the some of the top issues identified through surveys and discussions with Pennsylvania woodland owners. It is one thing to identify the issues; it is another thing to find resources to attain resolution. We don't promise to cover your issue or provide the solution you need, though through this process, we might open new conversations, find new resources, and help you conserve and better manage your woodlands.


Jim Finley, Ibberson Professor of Forest Management and Director of the Center for Private Forests at Penn State

Please note: there were audio difficulties during this webinar and the sound periodically cuts out.