Assessing and Promoting Successful Regeneration in Your Woodland

Lack of adequate tree regeneration is one of the top concerns in many woodlands in Pennsylvania and throughout the Northeast.

The difficulty in obtaining successful growth of the next generation of trees is caused by three factors: 1) competition from other plants in the understory, 2) intensive browsing by white-tailed deer, and 3) the overstory canopy casting too much shade for seedlings in the understory. Without active management to promote successful regeneration in privately owned woods, the long-term function of our woods is impacted. This webinar provides an overview of an assessment process woodland owners can use to evaluate regeneration. In addition to the assessment, webinar participants will learn the silvics, including light requirements and growth rates, of some common trees. Lastly, the webinar provides an overview of stewardship activities commonly used to promote regeneration.


Leslie Horner, Forest Stewardship Program Associate, Center for Private Forests at Penn State