Pennsylvania Forest Stewards Survey Results

In 2011 another edition of the biennial survey will be undertaken for the entire volunteer group. Watch for the surveys in your mailbox in the fall. Please fill them out to help us learn how you promote forest stewardship in Pennsylvania.

The 2009 edition of the PA Forest Stewards biennial survey shows that PA Forest Stewards volunteers continue to actively promote forest stewardship in their communities. The total number of volunteer hours reported was comparable to almost twenty-three full-time employees spreading the good forest stewardship message (45,150), and volunteers reported reaching over 16,500 people.

The most common outreach activity remains talking to neighbors and other woodland owners about forest stewardship. PA Forest Stewards volunteers are active members and supporters of Pennsylvania’s local/regional woodland owner associations: 155 volunteers were members and 67 served on boards of directors. PA Forest Stewards are actively involved in helping shape decisions in their communities by serving on an array of advisory boards, steering committees, boards of directors, and associations.

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