Center for Private Forests

The Center for Private Forests focuses on applied research, education and outreach to students, forest landowners, the forest-products industry, loggers, conservation districts, agencies, land trusts, nongovernmental organizations and the public.


The Center for Private Forests is a community committed to the stewardship of Pennsylvania's forested landscape. We bring people together to share knowledge and experience to care for trees, woods, water and wildlife. Our large network of volunteers and professionals work together to promote best practices in forest and habitat management, helping people regardless of their level of knowledge or acreage owned. The Center combines the benefits of both applied academic research and direct, local experience throughout Pennsylvania.

Center for Private Forests News

Habitat Hero: John Hoover
August 18, 2017
This Habitat Hero story is by the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture, one of NRCS’ conservation partners working to help private landowners adopt conservation measures that benefit forestry and agricultural operations while helping birds and other wildlife species.
Feeling Overwhelmed?—A few tips for getting started with invasive plant management
July 25, 2017
As long as light and other resources are available to invasive plants, they will continue to out-compete native plants and spread. What can landowners do to control these invaders?
Fruits of the Bush Honeysuckles (Lonicera spp.)  Photo by Chris Evans, University of Illinois,
Invasive Species Highlight: Bush Honeysuckles… Not for the Birds!
July 14, 2017
During the summer months, we see a number of shrubs with beautiful fragrant flowers, that attract bees and other pollinators, and whose berries often attract a diversity of birds and other wildlife. Unfortunately, some of those shrubs are non-native and invasive, and although they may seem attractive, they can actually be quite detrimental.