Admission criteria requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Forest Resources

The objectives of the PhD degree are:

  1. to attain the highest level of scholarship and independent research in one of the three subject matter areas within the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management,
  2. to conduct original research in a scholarly manner which represents a significant contribution to knowledge within the scope of the Department's programs, and
  3. to develop a proficiency in a basic scientific discipline in relation to one of the Department's subject matter areas.

The PhD candidate must develop and demonstrate the ability to conceive and conduct independent research. The degree is designed to produce a scientist proficient in scientific principles and capable of academic teaching and/or scholarly research.

Following admission to residency, even if course work and thesis research have been initiated, full acceptance in the PhD program requires passing the Qualifying Examination early in the residency period. The student must be registered during the semester that the Qualifying Exam is administered.

Admission Requirements

The minimum admissions requirements established by Penn State University's Graduate School and the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Course and Credit Requirements

The course and credit requirements stipulated by the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, in conjunction with the Graduate School of Penn State University.

Advisory Committee

Ph.D. Advisory Committee appointment, membership, and responsibilities information.


Ph.D. Dissertation Research information.

Qualifying Examination
Comprehensive Examination
Final Oral Examination

Ph.D. Final Oral Examination (Dissertation Defense) information.

Graduate School Requirements

Appendix G

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