Committee Membership

The committee will consist of at least three members of the graduate faculty. At least one member from outside the major graduate program will be included to represent the minor or general studies fields. See list of graduate faculty in department-associated programs.

Thesis Adviser/Chairperson

The thesis adviser will serve as chair of the committee.

Identifying Committee Members

The student in consultation with the thesis adviser will propose members of the advisory committee. The proposed committee membership will be submitted to the Graduate Program Head for confirmation and appointment. Proposed members can decline the opportunity to serve.

Establishing a Committee

The committee will be established before the end of the student's second semester of residence and preferably earlier.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  1. To approve the student's research proposal and coursework plans.
  2. To be available for consultation with the student on an individual basis.
  3. To read and evaluate the thesis.
  4. To administer an examination on academic studies and thesis research upon completion of the student's program.

Meetings of the Committee

  1. The committee will meet for a report on the student's thesis research proposal and coursework plan before the end of the student's second semester of residence and at a minimum of 12-month intervals thereafter. The coursework plan and thesis research proposal may be approved at the initial meeting. Details of the thesis research are given in item II-H. The thesis adviser and student should ensure that committee members from other departments are informed of the M.S. requirements of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management' graduate programs.
  2. On completion of the academic program and thesis, a final examination will be conducted by the committee.