1. The thesis adviser shall be consulted concerning an appropriate topic early in the student's residence. An acceptable MSc thesis topic is expected to have attributes similar to doctoral research, but be less rigorous. Thesis topic choice will be influenced by the intended career, degree of experience of the candidate, and the time and resources available for the program. It should contribute to an organized research project in the Department.
  2. Thesis research should begin as early as possible. A literature review shall be initiated and a written thesis research outline (including hypotheses, objectives, and procedures) shall be prepared for the student's committee meeting to be held within the first academic year of residence. A copy of the plan shall be delivered to each member of the committee at least one (1) week before the scheduled meeting. Recommendations for changes shall be sought. If a new draft is required, it shall be accomplished within three (3) months. Approval by committee members is required. Committee members may be consulted individually on specifics of the work.
  3. Annual meetings of the student's committee shall be scheduled to review the progress of the thesis research.
  4. The finished research shall be assembled in approved thesis format (see "Thesis Guide") and according to the timelines published by the Graduate School and Thesis Office. One copy from the final thesis filed with the Graduate School is to be made and bound for the Department's main office; if the thesis adviser wants additional bound copies, quantity and budget and fund information must be provided.