Admission criteria, course requirements and thesis information for the Ph.D. in Soil Science.

The objective of the Ph.D. degree is to accomplish original, valid, and important research. Since the degree is the training ground for a career in academic teaching and scholarly research, the Ph.D. candidate must demonstrate the ability to do independent research.

To earn the Ph.D., the candidate will:

  1. satisfy the Graduate School residence requirements,
  2. complete the coursework approved by the advisory committee,
  3. accomplish the required research and prepare a thesis embodying the research findings, and
  4. pass the examinations and complete the requirements prescribed by the Graduate Program and Graduate School.

Full acceptance into the Ph.D. program requires that the Qualifying Examination be passed.

All information can also be found in "Graduate Programs Handbook". Note: this is only available to current graduate students.

Admission Requirements

The minimum admissions requirements established by Penn State University's Graduate School and the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Course and Credit Requirements

The course and credit requirements stipulated by the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, in conjunction with the Graduate School of Penn State University.


Ph.D. Dissertation Research information.

Teaching Experience
Advisory Committee

Ph.D. Advisory Committee appointment, membership, and responsibilities information.

PhD SOILS Checklist.pdf

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Summary of Graduate Coursework for Ph.D. Degree in Soil Science.pdf

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