Professional Meeting Travel Award

Purpose: To encourage and facilitate presentations of original research findings at scientific meetings by graduate students.

Award Amount: Maximum of $300 per student to help defray costs to an international, national, or significant regional scientific meeting; this will always be pending availability of funds and will represent a match of an equal amount to CAS funds.

Award Frequency: Multiple awards may be given per semester depending on availability of funding and number of applicants, but only one award will be granted per student per degree.


  1. Must still be considered to be a student and must be officially enrolled for credits as a graduate student during either the semester in which the paper is presented or the semester immediately prior to the presentation.
  2. Must give an oral or poster presentation at a significant regional, national, or international scientific meeting.
  3. Must be the senior author of the presentation.
  4. Student must base the presentation on original research conducted in partial fulfillment of their graduate degree at Penn State.
  5. Students are limited to one award from the Department during a degree program.

To be Considered for the Award:

The student should submit a written request / proposal to the Graduate Program Coordinator, 432 Forest Resources Building, as far in advance of the meeting as possible, to include the following:

  1. Whether or not they received a travel award through the College;
  2. Title and location of the meeting (Web link, brochure);
  3. Description of what type of meeting it is;
  4. Presentation Abstract with presentation title, author(s) name(s), objective, methodology, results, and conclusions, limited to one page, single-spaced, and informative relating to the student's thesis research;
  5. Recommendation letter from adviser that student should participate in the meeting / be reimbursed for travel expenses; and
  6. Statement of how award will be spent (e.g. lodging, vehicle rental, etc.). 48

Abstracts will be reviewed and ranked by the Department's Graduate Studies Committee. If given an award, the student should contact the Department's accounting office upon returning from the meeting to arrange reimbursement of the travel award.

It is to the financial advantage of the student to pursue travel awards through the College of Agricultural Sciences program that entails matching funds from the Department.

Revised 11/18/10