Purpose and Procedure

  1. The final examination will be administered by the M.S. advisory committee.
  2. This is an oral examination of the student's completed thesis. The student should be able to marshal a satisfactory defense of the methods, findings, and conclusions of the thesis, be able to relate the findings to the pertinent literature, and demonstrate an acceptable base of knowledge in the major and minor fields. Little time during the examination should be spent on minor editorial comments that can be worked out in separate meetings with committee members.
  3. The committee may also examine the student on academic studies and may recommend that a portion of the examination be written.


  1. The student meets with the thesis adviser to ensure that all academic requirements for the degree have been met (see check lists J and K), to verify that the thesis is completed, and to arrange possible dates and place of the examination.
  2. Student contacts each member of the committee and arranges a convenient date and time for the examination.
  3. Thesis adviser contacts the Graduate Program Head with date, time, place, and list of advisory committee members. This should be completed in a timely fashion to allow the Graduate Program Head to schedule the examination by letter. The student will receive a copy of the letter.
  4. Student delivers thesis (in final form approved by the thesis adviser) to the committee members at least one week before the examination. The thesis should represent the student's best effort at scholarly exposition and should be complete, clearly legible, neat in appearance, and essentially in compliance with the form required for the Graduate School.
  5. Student prepares a summary of his/her records indicating compliance with degree requirements (see sections J and K). Copies are supplied to advisory committee members and Graduate Program Head.
  6. Thesis adviser presents the results of the final examination in writing to the Graduate Program Head immediately following the examination.

Final Examination and Ph.D. Candidacy Examination

The final M.S. examination is not to be combined with the Candidacy Examination for the Ph.D.