Posted: April 8, 2021

Penn State Extension’s team of Forestry and Wildlife experts publishes an e-newsletter, Woods and Wildlife News and Notes, containing the most recent information, events, demonstrations, partnerships, and activities coming from the team. Forest Leaves shares the title and a thumbnail of these articles with you each quarter.

Maple Syrup—More Than Just a Pancake Topping
Maple syrup can be used for more than just a breakfast topping and is a healthy alternative to other types of sugars. 

Silent Survivors...The Winter Life of Trees 
Trees have many enemies. Insects, diseases, wildlife, and fungi are among the cast of characters that harm them throughout their lives. Trees also face climatic challenges. 

Planting Bare-root Seedlings in Spring
Bare-root seedlings are commonly used for large planting projects. They should be planted in early spring when seedlings are dormant. This article, and included video, will explain how to properly care for and plant bare-root tree seedlings. 

Pennsylvania Timber Market Report: 4th Quarter, 2020
A quarterly report of timber stumpage prices as reported by Pennsylvania timber and logging companies, forestry consultants, and state land management agencies to analysts at the Pennsylvania State University. 

Bobcats, the Unseen Pennsylvania Predator
Bobcats are beautiful animals for those who are lucky enough to spot one. Typically secretive and elusive, even catching one on a trail camera is a fortunate occurrence. 

Biochar in Riparian Buffers
Penn State, in conjunction with the forest products industry, is working to demonstrate the use of biochar as an addition to improve the function of riparian buffers and stormwater management. 

New Woodland Health Practices Handbook Available 
A new woodland health handbook for green industry professionals is now available from The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership. 

Pennsylvania’s Deer Harvest: How it Compares
A look at the National Deer Association’s 2021 Deer Report. 

Find Forest Pesticide Applicators Using New PDA Search Tool
Use the new Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s pesticide business search tool to find licensed pesticide businesses and applicators in your area. 

Emerging Research on Ramps: A Forest Plant With Growing Commercial Appeal 
Our team is studying the importance of ramps as a forest resource to Pennsylvanians. We need your help!

The Indiana Bat: an Endangered Species in Pennsylvania
This article provides practical ways the public and landowners can aid in the survival of the Indiana bat. 

The Need for Turtle Conservation in Pennsylvania
This article provides an overview of turtles in Pennsylvania, the role of turtles in sustaining forests, wetlands, and human wellbeing, and the need for turtle conservation in response to emerging threats. 

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James C. Finley Center for Private Forests


416 Forest Resources Building
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James C. Finley Center for Private Forests


416 Forest Resources Building
University Park, PA 16802