Posted: July 2, 2021

Penn State Extension’s team of Forestry and Wildlife experts publishes an e-newsletter, Woods and Wildlife News and Notes, containing the most recent information, events, demonstrations, partnerships, and activities coming from the team. Forest Leaves shares the titles and thumbnails of these articles with you each quarter.

Preparing for High Gypsy Moth Densities in 2021

Gypsy moth outbreaks in Pennsylvania are stressing many plant species. This article tells about this pest, management strategies, and monitoring affected plants and trees for recovery.

Maintaining Forest Property Lines

Property line maintenance is one of the most important aspects of land ownership. Well-marked boundaries can help ensure your assets are protected. This article and associated video teaches you how to maintain and mark your property lines.

Timber Sales: A Guide to Selling Timber

This publication is intended to help landowners understand some of the complex decisions around timber harvesting and ensure a successful timber sale.

The Effect of Coyotes on Pennsylvania’s Deer Herd

This article examines and dispels the myth that coyotes keep deer populations low, and addresses the effect of predation on deer populations in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Timber Market Report: 1st Quarter, 2021

A quarterly report of timber stumpage prices as reported by Pennsylvania timber and logging companies, forestry consultants, and state land management agencies to analysts at the Pennsylvania State University.

The Woods in Your Backyard

This manual will guide small-acreage owners through the process of implementing proper forestry and wildlife habitat improvement practices to enhance a property’s natural resources.

What's Going on with Dimensional Lumber Prices?

This article describes why dimensional lumber prices are high.

Connecting Children with Nature

This video presents the importance of adults helping young children enjoy and appreciate nature. Three tips are presented on how to guide the process of connecting kids to nature and the outdoors.


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James C. Finley Center for Private Forests


416 Forest Resources Building
University Park, PA 16802