This talk focuses on a number of issues and opportunities surrounding the planning and management of community natural resources.

Shifting focus to what remains after a harvest and the next forest, and undertaking activities to enhance both, allows landowners to focus their goals on a sustainable forest resource.

This session explores water resources on rural properties and provides tips on how to properly assess and manage them to meet the landowners' needs.

Firewood cutting allows landowners to focus on providing growing space for the trees you leave and consider future management options.

Establishing or "farming" American ginseng on Pennsylvania forestlands is a fascinating and potentially profitable activity that can contribute to both plant and forestland conservation.

This session presents the basic types of leaves, their characteristics, and how to use a "tree key" for identification.

This program introduces you to some of the common exotic invasive plants that occur on Pennsylvania forestlands.

Succession planning addresses both transfer costs and naming a capable successor and offers an inter-generational perspective to do so effectively.

This session explores the most troublesome exotic insects causing damage in Penn's Woods and control options available.

Forest landowners often enjoy creating wildlife habitat on their properties. Learn how to do so while preventing wildlife/human conflicts and protecting lands for the future.

This seminar covers the recommended steps owners should take in order to have a successful timber sale.

This presentation highlights the planning, the options, and the emphasis on the next forest that must be worked through before equipment is allowed on the property.