"Penn's Woods" have provided folks with jobs and products for more than three centuries. What is the history of wood in Pennsylvania and where is the industry likely to go in the future?

An in-depth look at how Pennsylvania’s deer management program works: the establishment of goals and measures used to assess progress.

Reading the Forested Landscape brings together an understanding of ecology with the sometimes subtle, observed hints from the land, to help you create a story of change.

An introduction to woodlot management and will show how numerous practices for both forestry and wildlife can be implemented on your property.

The biological and management issues associated with hemlock woolly adelgid invasion in hemlock forests.

The basic silvics of oaks, inventory procedures, oak maintenance techniques, and methods of regenerating oaks via direct seeding and planting.

The advantages and needs of Early Successional Habitat (ESH)–the old field scrub /shrub and that created through timber management and the role ESH plays in the landscape.

Unfortunately, many woodlots have been poorly treated at one time or another in the past. How does a landowner start a poorly-treated woods down the path to recover?

What is emerald ash borer and what are forest management strategies to decrease its negative impact on forest stands?

Wild turkey biology and habitat management: a turkey's life cycle from egg-stage to adulthood, how habitat requirements vary with the seasons, and management strategies to create habitat.