Click on thumbnail photos below to get a larger picture. All photos were taken by VA Chapter member Jack LaMonica.

Thanks, Jack!

Stump Sprouts

Old chestnut stump makes way for new sprouts to grow

Small Chestnut tree

A small chestnut tree can grow to be tall - this one is surrounded by brush

Bright Leaves

Bright pendant leaves are displayed by young chestnut trees

Spring leaves against the sky

The bright chestnut leaves stick out in front of other tree leaves

Bright Green Early Leaves

Large bright chestnut leaves early in the spring (earlier than normal)

Sprouts with Bright Leaves

Bright leaved sprouts growing in brush piles

Bright Leaves

Chestnut seedling with bright leaves

Multiple Trunks

Multiple sprouts of chestnut growing out of the base of a larger chestnut tree.

Bright leaves of a Young Chestnut

A larger chestnut tree shows off its bright leaves

Multiple Trunks of chestnut

Multiple dead and living trunks growing beside each other in the forest floor.

Pendant Leaves

Photo showing the pendant leaves of a young chestnut tree

Brightly Colored Leaves

The bright contrast of a young chestnut tree's leaves in the forest

Small Chestnut Tree

A small chestnut tree growing in an open canopy

Infected Tree

Photo shows tree infected by the fungus. Note: the base of the tree is swollen and dark colored

Close up of Bright Leaves

Brightly colored leaves of chestnut as well as close up of leaf shape

Split Base of Infected Tree

Split base of infected chestnut tree with new shoots present

Split Base of Infected Tree

Photo showing split base of infected tree with new sprouts

Thin Transparent Leaves

Thin transparent leaves of young chestnut tree.

Visible Orange Cankers of Blight

The blight has split the bark of this tree and the orange fungus is starting to develop

New Chestnut Sprout

A new chestnut sprout has grown in the open

Multiple Chestnut Trunks

Good example of multiple shoots growing off dead tree

Multiple Dead Chestnut Trunks

Photo of multiple dead chestnut trees along the dirt road

Chestnut Tree Canopy

A photo looking up through chestnut trees showing fans of leaves

Close Up of the Silver-gray Bark

Photo of the silver and gray bark of a small chestnut tree (2-3 inch trunk)

Bright Leaves of a Young Chestnut Tree

Photo shows a young chestnut tree with the bright green leaves