Saturday, February 12, 2011 || Portsmouth, NH || Urban Forestry Center

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  • 2/14/11 - Notes, Agenda, and Questions for discussion added to bottom of page
  • 2/17/11 - Updated notes added at bottom of page. Demographics added to bottom of notes.


Registration is free, but be sure to let the coordinator of this meeting know that you'll be coming so that necessary arrangements may be made and also so that updated logistical information may be sent to you.

Kendra Gurney
The American Chestnut Foundation
New England Regional Science Coordinator
USFS Northern Research Station
705 Spear Street
South Burlington, VT 05403
Tel: 802.951.6771
Cell: 802.999.8706

2011 Regional Restoration Workshop Agenda

9:30 Check-in and coffee


Welcome Glen Rea



Restoration Planning Kendra Gurney


Facilitated Session: Dennis Souto

Ground rules
Agenda overview
Discussion questions (see below)


Lunch (on-site)

1:00 Facilitated Session: Dennis Souto

Discussion questions (cont)
Final thoughts



Questions for Discussion

What criteria will help us decide where to plant trees first?

What tools will help us implement chestnut restoration effectively?

How should the chapter breeding programs participate in the overall restoration plan?

Ground Rules

Stay on the subject
Respect others opinions
Be concise
Listen to understand, not to respond

Workshop Presentation

PowerPoint presentation, 5.9 MB

The presentation Kendra gave during the workshop. File is in PPT format.

Notes from Workshop

Microsoft Word Document, 57.5 KB

Photos From the Workshop

Directions to the Urban Forestry Center

Lodging Options

PDF document, 88.5 KB

A PDF with nearby lodging options

Lunch Menu

PDF document, 119.8 KB

Lunch will be made available for $12 / person, or you can bring your own.