When a planting is first established, please fill out an ORCHARD MAP. This will help the tree breeding coordinator or any authorized visitors become correctly oriented within your orchard.

Note: Also upon establishment of your orchard, please remember to place a large, visible metal stake near position 1. Again, this helps visitors know where they are in your orchard.

At the end of a growing season, fill out both an ORCHARD MAINTENANCE FORM and a PA-TACF GROWER'S SURVEY. These simply let us know how you are taking care of your orchard and can also be used as a great source of new ideas. Other growers may have similar problems that you have - share your ingenuity!!

Also at the end of the year, fill out another ORCHARD MAP that details positions that are dead. If you do not take any other notes on your orchard during the year (i.e., height, flowering, etc.) please at least do this! Survival statistics are of the utmost importance to the program and helps the chapter determine what needs to be produced and planted in the next year. If you enter your data electronically into the online database or mail in your results on the ORCHARD DATA WORKSHEET, this step is not necessary, but I certainly won't discourage it!

Forms should be mailed to:
Sara Fitzsimmons
Penn State University
210 Forest Resources Lab
University Park, PA 16802

Or, you may send them electronically to: Sara

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact Sara by e-mail or at 814-865-7228