A link to a description of the design elements zip file below.

File of all, current design elements. 80MB in size.

We have broken down the various design elements between eight major entities (to facilitate work by individual SMEs). In each folder that represents a major entity, one will find one or more of the following files:

1 - Data Dictionary
2 - ERDs (most included in a single file at this point)

3 - Process Flows
4 - Wireframes
5 - Page List Description

6 - Traits


The least designed entity is reproduction. As design is ongoing within this element, during the proposal and bid negotiation process, we can take this into account.

Note, too, that some of these files may be in a Visio file format. Some of those files have been printed to PDF.

UPDATE: 10/26/2010 - PDFs have been made of the Visio files, but certain elements have not printed well. Big black boxes in the PDFs denote a table. We'll keep working on making these better.