Read notes and background information from the Ecology and Reintroduction Track workshop that was held in June 2011.

This meeting was convened as part of a larger TACF process designed to re-­‐evaluate and revise the Restoration Plan. The workshops involved four major constituencies: Membership, Development/Business, Breeding/Genetics, and Ecology/Restoration. The Ecology and Restoration Workshop was explicitly charged with reviewing the science surrounding the ecology and silviculture of American chestnut, and evaluating how we can best leverage that information to move forward with the larger goal of restoring the species to its original range.

Overall, there was a broad level of consensus regarding many aspects of the ecology and silviculture of the species; however, there were also some knowledge gaps identified where explicit information was still missing (but good guesses could be made based on first principles and knowledge of related species).

Notes from Ecology and Reintroduction Track Workshop (PDF)

This is the PDF version of the Reintroduction and Ecology Workshop Notes. Please send any comments to Betsy Gamber at TACF's Asheville offices.