Background Materials

Here, find links to various papers that one might find useful in preparing for these meetings. Please note that it is NOT necessary to read these; they are only made available should you want to make use of them.
PDF, 242.3 kB

A graphical view of the process that TACF will be taking through 2011 to compile its restoration plan.

Microsoft Word, 566.5 kB

Throughout 2009 - 2010, a committee within TACF formulated a draft restoration plan. The plan was reviewed during the April 2010 TACF Board and Cabinet meetings and the consensus met was to reformulate a new draft. The first draft is provided here for review prior to the new meeting tracks should participants wish to do so.

Microsoft Word, 45.0 kB

A plan, specific to Pennsylvania, written in response to the TACF plan draft 1.

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PDF, 8.9 KB

Details planting and maintenance guidelines for initial progeny test plantings for TACF.

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