Since 2009, TACF has been working on designing and developing an on-line, relational database that can be used by its stakeholders to track all aspects of its program dedicated to restoring the American chestnut tree.

In 2011, several TACF Staff and Volunteers met on a weekly basis with developers to create this product. As of the beginning of 2015, development is ongoing with Nitid Bit.

Training for the TACF Trees Database (dentataBase) commenced in 2013 for interested TACF partners and volunteers. As of 2014, TACF collects all new breeding data using this new on-line tool and continues to port historic data as time and resources allow.

Anyone interested in learning more about the database may contact Sara Fitzsimmon for more information, and to request an account on the practice/staging server.

dentataBase User Guide

PDF document, 3.7 MB

dentataBase Glossary

PDF document, 511.8 KB

A glossary of terms is included in the User Guide, but this is a standalone version for those who only want quick access to terminology.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

PDF document, 73.2 KB


Excel spreadsheet, 111.5 KB

An Excel file with system design requirements


Microsoft Word Document, 78.5 KB

A list of descriptions for various system design elements that did not fit elsewhere. Some may be expansions of requirements or data dictionary entities.


Microsoft Word Document, 75.0 KB

A file with definitions of various entities and elements in the system design

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Zip archive, 74.1 KB

This is a mysql-workbench file with a nearly complete database definition matching the entities described in the Data Dictionary files. It is subject to modification and expansion

Design Elements Description

A link to a description of the design elements zip file below.

Design Elements (ZIP file)

Zip archive, 80.8 MB

82MB in size. Please view description above for more information.