Over the years, we have come into possession of some great publications put out by the USDA and affiliated agencies.

This selection which includes breeding records from the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station, reports from Jesse Diller (strong proponent of the use of the Clapper tree for American chestnut restoration), as well as chestnut bibliographies that have been published in the past. We've also added an index to the Reports of the PA Chestnut Tree Blight Commission (Scans which are held on the Penn State Libraries servers).

The American Chestnut: A Bibliography

PDF document, 16.7 MB

Compiled by Herman S. Forest, Richard J. Cook, and Charles N. Bebee. 1990 Bibliographies and Literature of Agriculture Number 103, USDA-NAL

Inventory of Chestnut Research, Germplasm and References

by Giancarlo Bounous, 2001. FAO, REU Technical Series 65

US Forest Service American Chestnut Cooperators' Meeting

PDF document, 3.0 MB

by H. Clay Smith, 1981. USFS General Technical Report, NE-64

PA Commission on Chestnut Tree Blight

All Reports from the Pennsylvania commission for the investigation and control of the disease (1912-1914). 11 documents reporting the research and work of the Pa Blight Commission

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station: Report of the Botanist 1911- 1912

PDF document, 21.8 MB

By G. P. Clinton. This document includes almost 100 pages about the chestnut and chestnut blight in Connecticut.

Chestnut in Southern Maryland

PDF document, 11.0 MB

by Raphael Zon. 1904 U.S. Department of Agriculture: Bureau of Forestry Bulletin No. 53

Chestnut in Tennessee

PDF document, 6.6 MB

by W.W. Ashe. 1912 Tennessee Geological Survey Bulletin 10-B

Growing Chestnuts for Timber

PDF document, 124.9 KB

by Jesse D. Diller. 1947 Forest Pathology Special Release No. 31

Experimental Farm Plantings of Asiatic Chestnuts

PDF document, 236.1 KB

by Jesse D. Diller. 1960 Reprint from Tree Planter's Notes No. 40

Cooperative Test Plots Produce Some Promising Chinese and Hybrid Chestnut Trees

PDF document, 351.8 KB

by Jesse D. Diller, Russell B. Clapper, and Richard A. Jaynes. 1964 U.S. Forest Service Research Note NE-25

Evaluation of Chesnut Test Planting in the Eastern US

PDF document, 1.9 MB

by Fredrick Berry. 1980 U.S. Forest Service Research Paper NE-454

The Chestnut Tree Blight - 1912 Scientific American

PDF document, 5.3 MB

An Incurable Disease that has Destroyed Millions of Dollars Worth of Trees. This article is from the March 16, 1912 issue of Scientific American (http://www.scientificamerican.com/) and details a few thoughts on the destruction that was being caused by chestnut blight at that time. Many thanks to John Hempel for finding an original copy on eBay and passing on the find!

Graves 1914 The Future of the Chestnut Tree in North America

PDF document, 1.0 MB

Brooks 1937 Castanea dentata

PDF document, 3.0 MB

Camus 1928 Les Chataigniers Monographie des genres Castanea et Castanopsis ATLAS

PDF document, 8.8 MB

A scan of the drawings from this 1928 book on the genera Castanea and Castanopsis.

Camus 1928 Les Chataigniers Monographie des genres Castanea et castanopsis Texte

PDF document, 51.7 MB

A scan of the text, in the original French, of this book about the genera Castanea and Castanopsis.

Camus 1928 Les Chataigniers Monographie des genres Castanea et castanopsis Texte TRANSLATION

PDF document, 3.8 MB

A scan of an English translation of the text of this book about the genera Castanea and Castanopsis.

Studies on Endothia canker of Japanese chestnut trees caused by Endothia parasitica

PDF document, 2.6 MB

Originally by K. Uchida, this is a translation provided by Dr. Fred Hebard of TACF.