model seed orchard

model seed orchard

The main goal of the TACF breeding program is to restore the American chestnut tree.

To do that, blight-resistance must be brought in to an otherwise ecologically competent vehicle, which, presumably, will look and act much like the American chestnut did over 100 years ago.

It will take a presumed to take a minimum of six-generations of breeding, to put together enough resistance with enough American character. But, to create a sixth generation, a fifth-generation needs to be planted (right?).

This section should serve as a resource for those designing and planning those seed orchards.

Commonly Asked Seed Orchard Questions

PDF document, 408.5 KB

A working document, currently in draft form, which attempts to organize and answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to TACF Seed Orchard design, planting, and maintenance.

Seed Orchard Presentation

PDF document, 3.2 MB

Seed Orchard presentation from March 2008

PSU Arboretum Orchard Maps

PDF document, 100.1 KB

Maps of the layout of the PSU Arboretum Orchard

Additional Resources on Orchards
Seed Orchard Design, TACF Journal 16.1


Link to a PDF where seed orchard design was first discussed. Starting on page 7, Dr. Fred Hebard outlines how seed orchards are being established at TACF's Meadowview Farms as well as the justification for that particular design.