FoReST Certification Workshops

A training program that focuses on American chestnut restoration, giving participants skills and knowledge applicable for many aspects of sustainable forestry management, far beyond a single species.

Upcoming Trainings - NRCS CIG

Similar training will be held in conjunction with a project funded by the NRCS’ Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG).  Using ARRI’s Forest Reclamation Approach (FRA), this project aims to reforest a total of 12 strip-mine sites, each at least 30 acres in size, with high-value hardwoods including potentially blight-resistant American chestnuts. 

At each site TACF staff and other cooperators will coordinate a condensed version of the FoReST Certification workshops that will take place in one or two sessions.  In addition, training will be focused on planting and maintenance of high-value hardwoods on strip-mined sites.