Phase I: Planting and Management

Classroom: Site considerations and planting guidelines for successfully growing American chestnuts on forestlands
Outline / Agenda

1.  Introduction to the American chestnut story

2.  Soils - how they affect planting and growing

a.  Includes a hands-on soil particle demonstration

3.  Planting practices

4.  Common failures, problems, and their control

a.  Includes a hands-on chestnut blight fungus culturing

b.  Includes a hands-on chestnut blight fungus inoculation



 Please find PDF versions of the presentations that were give during this first workshop.

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PDF, 5.0 MB
PDF, 3.0 MB
PDF, 104.1 kB
PDF, 5.2 MB

Extension Circular 353 by Dr. Larry Kuhns, PSU

PDF, 4.4 MB

Mainly covers Cryphonectria parasitica, Phytophthora cinnamomi, and the TACF inoculation protcol.