From Blackburn Trail Center (766) to the intersection of US 58 and VA 91 (1154)

State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA (762/770)
766 772
Trail to Blackburn Trail Center Map of 766-772 Chart of 766-772
VA 773 774
Snickers Gap, VA 7, VA 679
Map of 773-774 Chart of 773-774
VA 775 777
Sawmill Spring, Sam Moore Shelter
Map of 775-777 Chart of 775-777
VA 778 781 Rod Hollow Shelter
Map of 778-781 Chart of 778-781
VA 782 783
Dick's Dome Shelter
Map of 782-783 Chart of 782-783
VA 784 786
Manassas Gap Shelter
Map of 784-786 Chart of 784-786
VA 787 788
Jim & Molly Denton Shelter
Map of 787-788 Chart of 787-788
VA 789 794
US 522 (950'), Front Royal
Map of 789-794 Chart of 789-794
VA 795 798
Compton Gap, Skyline Dr., mile 10.4
Map of 795-798 Chart of 795-798
VA 799 807
Hogwallow Gap, Skyline Dr., mile 14.2
Map of 799-807 Chart of 799-807
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 808 817
Little Hogback Overlook, Skyline Dr., mile 19.7
Map of 808-817 Chart of 808-817
VA 818 820
Elkwallow Gap, Skyline Dr., mile 23.9
Map of 818-820 Chart of 818-820
VA 821 827
Beahms Gap, Skyline Dr., mile 28.5
Map of 821-827 Chart of 821-827
VA 828 831
Byrds Nest #3 Picnic Shelter
Map of 828-831 Chart of 828-831
VA 832 838 Hughes River Gap, side trail to Stony Man Mtn. Overlook, Skyline Dr., mile 38.6
Map of 832-838 Chart of 832-838
VA 839 843
Rock Spring Cabin (locked) & Hut
Map of 839-843 Chart of 839-843
VA 844 848
Spring Map of 844-848 Chart of 844-848
VA 849 851
Lewis Mtn Campground, Skyline Dr., mile 57.6
Map of 849-851 Chart of 849-851
VA 852 856 South River Picnic Grounds
Map of 852-856 Chart of 852-856
VA 857 861 Hightop Hut
Map of 857-861 Chart of 857-861
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 862 865 Pinefield Gap, Skyline Dr.
Map of 862-865 Chart of 862-865
VA 866 867 Loft Mtn Campground
Map of 866-867 Chart of 866-867
VA 868 870 Doyles River Parking Overlook
Map of 868-870 Chart of 868-870
VA 871 875 Skyline Dr., mile 84.3
Map of 871-875 Chart of 871-875
VA 876 876 Skyline Dr., mile 88.9
Map of 876 Chart of 876
VA 877 882 Skyline Dr., mile 92.4
Map of 877-882 Chart of 877-882
VA 883 889 Calf Mtn. Shelter
Map of 883-889 Chart of 883-889
VA 889 890
I-64 Overpass
Map of 889-890 Chart of 889-890
VA 891 893
Mill Creek;
Paul C. Wolfe Shelter
Map of 891-893 Chart of 891-893
VA 894 896
Bear Spring
Map of 894-896 Chart of 894-896
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 897 899
Dripping Rock Parking Area; BR Parkway mile 9.6 Map of 897-899 Chart of 897-899
VA 900 901
Reeds Gap, VA 664
Map of 900-901 Chart of 900-901
VA 902 904
Hanging Rock Overlook
Map of 902-904 Chart of 902-904
VA 905 907A
Harpers Creek Shelter
Map of 905-907A Chart of 905-907A
VA 907B 910
Cripple Creek
Map of 907B-910 Chart of 907B-910
VA 911 916A
Cash Hollow Road
Map of 911-916A Chart of 911-916A
VA 916B 919A
Porters Field
Map of 916B-919A Chart of 916B-919A
VA 919B 921
1 mile South of North Fork of Piney River
Map of 919B-921 Chart of 919B-921
VA 922 924
Salt Log Gap
Map of 922-924 Chart of 922-924
VA 925 927A
Cold Mountain (4022')
Map of 925-927A Chart of 925-927A
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 927B 929A
2 miles South of Bald Knob
Map of 927B-929A Chart of 927B-929A
VA 929B 930
Brown Mountain Creek Shelter
Map of 929B-930 Chart of 929B-930
VA 931 932B
Peddler's River Bridge
Map of 931-932B Chart of 931-923B
VA 932C 937A
1 mile South of Rice Mtn.
Map of 932C-937A Chart of 932C-937A
VA 937 939
Bluff Mountain
Map of 937-939 Chart of 937-939
VA 940 946
Big Rocky Row (2992')
Map of 940-946 Chart of 940-946
VA 947 950B
US 501 / VA 130
Map of 947-950B Chart of 947-950B
VA 950C 955
2 miles South of Matts Creek Shelter
Map of 950C-955 Chart of 950C - 955
VA 956 958A
High Cock Knob (3073')
Map of 956-958A Chart of 956-958A
VA 958B 962
1 mile South of Harrison Ground Spring
Map of 958B-962 Chart of 958B-962
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 963 966B
The Guillotine
Map of 963-966B Chart of 963-966B
VA 966C 969B
Trail to Spring
Map of 966C-969B Chart of 966C-969B
VA 969C 970B
2.4 miles South of Floyd Mountain
Map of 969C-970B Chart of 969C-970B
VA 970C 973B
1 mile South of Bryant Ridge Shelter
Map of 970C-973B Chart of 970C-973B
VA 973C 976
0.7 mile South of Buchanan Trail
Map of 973C-976 Chart of 973C-976
VA 977 980A
Bearwallow Gap; VA 43
Map of 977-980A Chart of 977-980A
VA 980B 983
Hammond Hollow Trail
Map of 980B-983 Chart of 980B-983
VA 984 987
Black Horse Gap
Map of 984-987 Chart of 984-987
VA 988 991
Curry Creek
Map of 988-991 Chart of 988-991
VA 992 996A
VA 652
Map of 992-996A Chart of 992-996A
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 996B 997
Tinker Top Road
Map of 996B-997 Chart of 996B-997
VA 998 1000
Angels Gap
Map of 998-1000 Chart of 998-1000
1001 1003D
Scorched Earth Gap
Map of 1001-1003D Chart of 1001-1003D
VA 1003E 1007A
abandoned road
Map of 1003E-1007A Chart of 1003E-1007A
VA 1007B 1009C
0.2 Miles South of Catawba Mountain Shelter
Map of 1007B-1009C Chart of 1007B-1009C
VA 1009D 1011A
1.6 Miles South of VA 311
Map of 1009D-1011A Chart of 1009D-1011A
VA 1011B 1014C
Rail to VA 311 Parking
Map of 1011B-1014C Chart of 1011B-1014C
VA 1014D 1016B
1 mile North of Pickle Branch Shelter
Map of 1014D-1016B Chart of 1014D-1016B
VA 1016C 1017B
Audie Murphy Monument
Map of 1016C-1017B Chart of 1016C-1017B
VA 1017C 1019
1.5 mile South of Audie Murphy Monument
Map of 1017C-1019 Chart of 1017C-1019
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 1020 1021B
Cabin Branch
Map of 1020-1021B Chart of 1020-1021B
VA 1021C 1022C
1.2 mile North of Sarver Hollow Shelter
Map of 1021C-1022C Chart of 1021C-1022C
VA 1022D 1025
VA 630; Sinking Creek
Map of 1022D-1025 Chart of 1022C-1025
VA 1026 1026 Laurel Creek Shelter
Map of 1026 Chart of 1026
VA 1027 1030C
Rocky Gap; VA 601
Map of 1027-1030C Chart of 1027-1030C
VA 1030D 1033A
1.7 mile South of War Spur Shelter
Map of 1030D-1033A Chart of 1030D-1033A
VA 1033B 1035B
0.8 mile South of VA 613
Map of 1033B-1035B Chart of 1033B-1035B
VA 1035C 1040
0.8 mile South of VA 734
Map of 1035C-1040 Chart of 1035C-1040
VA 1041 1042
Peters Mountain (3860')
Map of 1041-1042 Chart of 1041-1042
VA 1043 1044C
Groundhog Trail
Map of 1043-1044C Chart of 1043-1044C
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 1044D 1046C
3.6 mile South of Groundhog Trail
Map of 1044D-1046C Chart of 1044D-1046
VA 1046D 1048
1.8 mile South of Rice Field Shelter
Map of 1046D-1048 Chart of 1046D-1048
VA 1049 1054B
US 460
Map of 1049-1054B Chart of 1049-1054B
VA 1054C 1054H
1.6 mile South of Angels Rest
Map of 1054C-1054H Chart of 1054C-1054H
VA 1054I 1056A
1.2 mile North of Doc's Knob Shelter
Map of 1054I-1056A Chart of 1054I-1056A
VA 1056B 1058C
0.4 mile South of VA 683
Map of 1056B-1058C Chart of 1056B-1058C
VA 1058D 1058G
Doc's Knob Trail
Map of 1058D-1058G Chart of 1058D-1058G
VA 1059 1061C
Wapiti Shelter (2600')
Map of 1059-1061C Chart of 1059-1061C
VA 1061D 1064B
1.1 mile North of Dismal Creek
Map of 1061D-1064B Chart of 1061D-1064B
VA 1064C 1066A
0.7 mile South of VA 606
Map of 1064C-1066A Chart of 1064C-1066A
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 1066B 1068
0.5 mile South of VA 608
Map of 1066B-1068 Chart of 1066B-1068
VA 1069A 1069B
VA 611
Map of 1069A-1069B Chart of 1069A-1069B
VA 1069C 1069F
3.2 mile South of VA 611
Map of 1069C-1069F Chart of 1069C-1069F
VA 1070 1073D
Helvyes Mill Shelter
Map of 1070-1073D Chart of 1070-1073D
VA 1073E 1074
2.2 mile South of USFS 282
Map of 1073E-1074 Chart of 1073-1074
VA 1075 1076A
Brushy Mountain (3080')
Map of 1075-1076A Chart of 1075-1076A
VA 1076B 1078A
0.9 mile South of Jenkins Shelter
Map of 1076B-1078A Chart of 1076B-1078A
VA 1078B 1079A
0.2 mile South of VA 623
Map of 1078B-1079A Chart of 1078B-1079A
VA 1079B 1080
Garden Mountain
Map of 1079B-1080 Chart of 1079B-1080
VA 1081 1082
Chestnut Ridge Road; spring-fed pond
Map of 1081-1082 Chart of 1081-1082
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 1083 1088A
Lynn Camp Mountain (3000')
Map of 1083-1088A Chart of 1083-1088A
VA 1088B 1090A
0.6 mile South of VA 42
Map of 1088B-1090A Chart of 1088B-1090A
VA 1090B 1092
0.7 mile South of Tilson Gap
Map of 1090B-1092 Chart of 1090B-1092
VA 1093 1096
Davis Path Shelter
Map of 1093-1096 Chart of 1093-1096
VA 1097 1100C
VA 729
Map of 1097-1100C Chart of 1097-1100C
VA 1100D 1103
1.5 mile South of Chatfield Shelter
Map of 1100D-1103 Chart of 1100D-1103
VA 1104 1107D
Brushy Mountain
Map of 1104-1107D Chart of 1104-1107D
VA 1107E 1108A
1.8 mile South of VA 16
Map of 1107E-1108A Chart of 1107E-1108A
VA 1108B 1109
0.9 mile South of VA 601
Map of 1108B-1109 Chart of 1108B-1109
VA 1110 1113
VA 672
Map of 1110-1113 Chart of 1110-1113
State Segment Begins Segment Ends Beginning Location of Segment Map Chart
VA 1114 1118
Dickey Gap; VA 16
Map of 1114-1118 Chart of 1114-1118
VA 1119 1124A
Stream (Hurricane Creek Trail)
Map of 1119-1124A Chart of 1119-1124A
VA 1124B 1128A
Stone Mountain
Map of 1124B-1128A Chart of 1124B-1128A
VA 1128B 1131
Quebec Ridge
Map of 1128B-1131 Chart of 1128B-1131
VA 1132 1134A
Susan Spillane Trail to Mt Rogers Summit
Map of 1132-1134A Chart of 1132-1134A
VA 1134B 1138
0.8 mile South to VA 600
Map of 1134B-1138 Chart of 1134B-1138
VA 1139 1144
US 58 (3160'); Summit Cut
Map of 1139-1144 Chart of 1139-1144
VA 1145 1149
Stream; 1.2 mile South of Bear Tree Gap Campsite
Map of 1145-1149 Chart of 1145-1149
VA 1150 1151B
US 58; Straight Branch
Map of 1150-1151B Chart of 1150-1151B
VA 1151C 1154
US 58 / VA 91
Map of 1151C-1154 Chart of 1151C-1154