The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management is a tight-knit, welcoming community of learners united by their passion to protect, manage, and use natural resources for sustained benefits.

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management faculty members conduct research and scholarly work in a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary areas. Funding for this work comes from a variety of sources, primarily state and federal agencies.

Name Title Email Phone
Karen (Brzezinski) Beatty MS Student, Ecology
Marc David Abrams, Ph.D. Nancy and John Steimer Professor of Agricultural Sciences 814-865-4901
Tarik Acevedo-Gonzalez PhD Student, Ecology
Daniel Allen Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology
Katherine Altamirano MS Student, Ecology
Denise Alving PhD Student, Forest Resources
Naomi Anderson MS Student, FOR R
Kathleen Arrington PostDoc
Laramie Aspegren MS Student, Soil Science
Julian D. Avery, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor
Robert Baldwin, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 814-865-7541
Eva Barr MS Student, Ecology
Samuel Bayuzick MS, Soil Science
Douglas Beegle, Ph.D. Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Agronomy 814-863-1016
Jhony Armando Benavides Bolaños PhD Student, Soil Science
Taylor Blackman PhD Student, Forest Resources
Paul Blankenhorn, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Wood Technology 814-865-7541
Vicki S. Blazer Research Fish Biologist
Jean-Marc Bollag, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Soil Biochemistry 814-863-0843
Todd Bowersox, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 814-865-7541
Elizabeth W. Boyer, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Ecosystem Science & Management 814-865-8830
Brosi Bradley Research Technologist 814-429-9242
Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D. Professor of Wildlife Resources 814-863-8442
Mary Ann Victoria Bruns, Ph.D. Professor of Soil Microbiology and Biogeochemistry 814-863-0779
Ray Bryant, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Agronomy, USDA-ARS 814-863-0923
Anthony Buda, Ph.D. Research Hydrologist, USDA-ARS 814-865-6623
Frances E. Buderman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology 814-867-3378
Eric Burkhart, Ph.D. Associate Teaching Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management 814-865-3951
Katharine Butler Senior Lecturer in Soil Science 814-865-2119
Nina Rose Camillone PhD Candidate, Soil Science and International Agriculture and Development (INTAD)
Bradley J. Cardinale Department Head, Ecosystem Science and Management
John E. Carlson, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics
Xin Chen PhD Student, Forest Resources
Holly Chittum PhD Student, Forest Resources
Edward Ciolkosz, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Soil Genesis and Morphology 814-865-1530
Angela Clark Administrative Manager 814-863-7093
Avery M. Corondi MS Student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Estelle Couradeau Assistant Professor of Soils and Environmental Microbiology 814-863-1615
Christopher Custer PhD student, Ecology
Samuel Dannenberg MS Student, Forest Resources
Rick Day, Ph.D. Emeritus Associate Professor
Curtis Dell, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Soil Science, USDA-ARS 814-863-0984
David R DeWalle, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Forest Hydrology 814-863-3532
Duane Diefenbach, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology 814-865-3992
Patrick Drohan, Ph.D. Professor of Pedology & Graduate Program Chair 814-863-4246
Jonathan M. Duncan, Ph.D., M.P.A. Assistant Professor of Hydrology 814-865-7554
Jessie Edson Genetics Laboratory Manager
David Eissenstat, Ph.D. Professor of Woody Plant Physiology 814-863-3371
William Elmendorf, Ph.D. Professor and Ibberson Chair in Community and Urban Forestry 814-863-7941
Margarita Fernandez PhD Student, Ecology
C. Paola Ferreri, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Fisheries Management 814-863-2095
Jennifer R Fetter Extension Educator, Water Resources 717-921-8803
Sara Fern Fitzsimmons PA - American Chestnut Foundation 814-863-7192
Suzanne Fleishman PhD Candidate, Ecology
Daniel Fritton, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Soil Physics
Jeff Grimm Research Assistant
Tyler A. Groh, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor 814-865-6726
Dana Grove Financial Assistant 814-865-8384
Daniel Guarin PhD Student, Soil Science & International Agriculture and Development (INTAD)
Katie Gundermann MS student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Jill Hamilton Director of the Schatz Center and Associate Professor
Brent Harding Senior Forester 814-865-7422
Joseph Harding Assistant Teaching Professor 814-865-6272
Sarah A. Isbell PhD Student, Ecology
David R. Jackson Extension Educator, Renewable Natural Resources 814-359-7480
Michael Jacobson, Ph.D. Professor of Forest Resources 814-865-3994
Daniel Johnson, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor of Soil Science 814-867-0542
Jacob Johnson PhD Student, Forest Resources
Joshua B. Johnson Wildlife Biometrician
Jason Kaye, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry 814-863-1614
Margot Wilkinson Kaye, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Forest Ecology 814-865-4841
Jason Keagy, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor of Wildlife Behavioral Ecology
Peter Kleinman, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Soil Science, USDA-ARS 814-865-3184
Sridhar Komarneni, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Clay Mineralogy 814-865-1542
Marissa Kopp PhD, Ecology
Jesse K. Kreye, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor
Melissa M. Kreye, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Forest Resource Management 814-867-1237
Jaedyn Lalonde MS Student, Ecology
Kirk Lawson PhD Student, FOR R
Laura P. Leites, Ph.D. Associate Research Professor of Quantitative Forest Ecology 814-865-4244
Emily Lesher MS Student, Soil Science
Whitney Lisenbee PostDoc
Joanne Loose Financial Assistant 814-865-7541
Doua Jim Lor MS Student, Ecology
Madeline Luthard PhD student, Ecology
James Lynch, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Forest Hydrology 814-865-7541
Marjorie Grace Macknight PhD Student, Ecology
Melinda Marsh PhD student, SOILS
Matt Marshall, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Wildlife Conservation 814-863-0134
Evan C Mascitti PhD Candidate, Soil Science
Erynn Maynard-Bean Postdoctoral Researcher
Larry McCormick, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 814-865-7541
Marc E. McDill, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Forest Management 814-865-1602
Devyn McPheeters MS Student, Ecology
Robert Meinen Senior Extension Associate 814-865-5986
Michael G. Messina, Ph.D. Former Head and Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
David A.W. Miller, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Wildlife Population Ecology 814-863-1598
Diane Monteith Graduate Program Coordinator 814-863-7221
Elliott Moran PhD Student, Ecology
Sara Mueller PhD Student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Allyson Brownlee Muth, Ed.D. Director, Center for Private Forests 814-865-3208
Wayne Myers, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Forest Biometrics 814-865-7541
Robert Neiderer Senior Research Technologist 877-722-4724
Richard Novak MS, Ecology
Alexandra Orr PhD Student, Forest Resources
Abigail Owens MS Student, Soil Science
Britta "Wren" Patton PhD Student, Ecology 814-865-3155
JeriLynn (Jeri) E. Peck, Ph.D. Research Associate 814-234-2898
Gary Petersen, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Soil and Land Resources 814-865-1540
Michael Powell Senior Research Technologist 814-863-1113
Edward Primka PhD Student, Ecology
Cathryn Pugh MS Student, Forest Resources
Charles David Ray, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management 814-865-0679
Brian Redder PhD Student, SOILS
Arun Regmi PhD Student, Forest Resources
Bruna Rodrigues Do Amaral MS Student, Ecology
Ellen A. Rom Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs and Alumni Relations, and Assistant Teaching Professor 814-863-0362
Andrew Ross MS student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Gary San Julian, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Resources 814-865-4287
Zachary Paul Sanders Research Technologist
Vishnupriya Sankararaman PhD Student, Ecology
Larry Schardt Natural Resource Conservationist 814-865-1138
Mary Jo Schillings Department Head Assistant 814-865-0172
Zachary M. Schumber MS, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Christopher Scott Maurice K. Goddard Chair of Forestry and Environmental Conservation, Professor 814-867-4384
Barb Sellers Administrative Support Assistant 814-863-0401
Sadikshya Sharma PhD Student, Forest Resources
William Sharpe, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Forest Hydrology 814-865-7541
Sina Sinai Research Assistant, Leites Lab
Sugjit Singh PhD student, WFS
Rachel Smith Undergraduate Administrative Assistant 814-865-4237
Sanford S. Smith, Ph.D. Teaching Professor in Forest Resources and 814-865-4261
William Sopper Professor Emeritus of Forest Hydrology
Sasha Danielle Soto PhD Student, Center for Private Forests
Cassie Stark MS student, Forest Resources
Sydney Stark MS student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Jay Stauffer, Jr., Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Ichthyology 814-863-0645
Richard Stehouwer, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Soil Science
Charles Strauss, Ph.D. Director and Professor Emeritus, School of Forest Resources 814-865-7541
Morgan Stum MS student, WFS
Jon Sweetman Assistant Research Professor 814-865-1143
Bryan Swistock Senior Extension Associate; Water Resources Coordinator 814-863-0194
David Sylvia, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 814-863-6726
Qicheng Tang PhD Student, Soil Science
Michael Toolan MS student, Forest Resources 814-865-8080
Ryan Trexler PhD student, Ecology
Sarah Troisi MS student, Soil Science
Walter Tzilkowski, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Science
Myriah Wadley MS Student, Forest Resources
Tyler Wagner, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Fisheries Ecology 814-865-6592
Mallory Wahlstrom MS student, FOR R
W. David Walter, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology 814-867-4763
Tyler Walters MS student, Ecology
Andrew Warner Director, Penn State Water Initiative (814) 863-6441
Jennifer Weld Assistant Research Professor 877-722-4724
Paris Werner MS Student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Joshua Wisor PhD Student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Michelle Zavala Paez PhD student, Ecology
Eric Zawatski MS Student, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Eric K. Zenner, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Silviculture 814-865-4574
Huaibin Zhang MS Student, Soils
Tetyana Zhebentyayeva Associate Research Professor 814-863-9164