Walter Applied Spatial Ecology Laboratory

Our research focuses on conducting wildlife research, both basic and applied, on large ecological datasets that provide a unique opportunity to explicitly incorporate sources of spatial and temporal variability into understanding motivations for an organism’s movements, resource selection, subpopulation structuring, or presence in a landscape.

These large-scale ecological datasets provide a powerful tool for addressing research questions at a regional level that can also be evaluated by future researchers. Within this broader framework, the primary research interests that direct the types of projects in the lab are:

(1) methodologies for spatial analysis of mammalian and avian datasets to determine ecological drivers of movements, resource selection, and presence/absence;

(2) monitoring occurrences of disease to link demographic and environmental influences on disease transmission and spread, and

(3) landscape genetics of various taxa for monitoring of population size, relatedness, and subpopulation structuring across ecosystems and barriers to gene flow.

We are housed in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Pennsylvania State University.

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