1. Install R
To assure proper functioning of downloaded packages, install R to a subdirectory for which you have complete read/write access. We used subdirectory
c:\Program Files\R. Path statements that follow reflect this location.

2. Some quick code to set CRAN mirror and load some packages

install.packages(c("gpclib","ade4","adehabitat","adehabitatHR","chron","raster","rgdal", "shapefiles"), dependencies=TRUE, repos="http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/R/CRAN/")

#Load needed libraries
library(adehabitatHR) #package needed for home range estimation
library(adehabitat) #package needed import.asc function
library(sp) #package needed to import and manipulate raster datasets
library(rgdal) #package needed to import ascii files into R
library(raster) #package needed to manipulate raster files