1. PA_Counties and Snowshoe_Counties: Basic PA shapefile with county boundaries and a clip of only the counties with hare harvest reported.
  2. Data_TMIN, Data_TMAX, and Data_SNWD: These are the files that result from assigning interpolation values to points. Attribute table for each will have TMIN, TMAX or SNWD values, which are then added to the study's database.
  3. Weather_Stations_All: This shapefile is created from the data produced in R, namely the mean January values for TMIN, TMAX, and SNWD for each station from Jan. 1995 to Jan. 2005.
  4. Weather_Stations_TMIN, Weather_Stations_TMAX, Weather_Stations_SNWD: These are the files that are used for interpolating weather variables across the state. The Weather_Stations_All shapefile is split into three shapefiles, one each for TMIN, TMAX and SNWD. Not every weather station has data for each of the three weather variables, and 0 values must be taken out in order for the interpolation's to be correct.
  5. 2004_Study_Locs: Shapefile contains point data for all locations in 2004 snowshoe hare study. These points are used to assign interpolation values for new shapefiles (Data_TMIN, Data_TMAX, Data_SNWD).
  6. pa_krig_tmin, pa_krig_tmax, pa_krig_snwd: These are the interpolation shapefiles, based on Weather_Stations_TMIN, Weather_Stations_TMAX, Weather_Stations_SNWD.
  7. counties_hab: Contains the four forest types for the snowshoe hare counties: Coniferous, Mixed, Deciduous, Transitional.
  8. county_param: Assigns values to each forest type based on Duane's model. These values will be used to determine occupancy probability when the model is plugged into map algebra