is a new storage warehouse for relocation data from GPS-collared or VHF-collared animals. It provides a storage facility in the cloud that can serve as a backup for your data or a transfer portal to share data among colleagues or interested researchers. Similar to any email account, each user has a Movebank account that has a login and password to gain access to your data. Administration privileges can be given to anyone with an account for viewing and downloading data.

  1. Exercise 3.1 - Download and extract zip folder into your preferred location
  2. Set working directory to the extracted folder in R under File - Change dir...
  3. First we need to load the packages needed for the exercise
  4. Now open the script "MBvultureCode.R" and run code directly from the script
  5. Let's aslo go to the Movebank home page and explore what it has to offer
  6. Login to Movebank

    login <- movebankLogin(username="wdwalter", password="xxxxxx")
  7. Access a stored dataset in Movebank of vulture data

    getMovebankAnimals(study="Turkey Vulture South Carolina USA",login=login)

    #Give the dataset a name while identifying each bird by ID in dataset
    turkey <- getMovebankData(study="Turkey Vulture South Carolina USA",
    login=login, moveObject=TRUE)

    #Check to see the number of locations for each bird

    #Bird51 Bird52 Bird54 Bird55a Bird56 Bird59a Bird60a
    #9655 11456 2378 2228 5876 8311 8594