1. Let's find some weather data and explore the format available by copying the NOAA data link into a web browser http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/ or just select the link here: NOAA Data.
  2. Select the Mapping Tools Application box then All Maps tab, then choose "GHCN-Daily" all in a separate window.
  3. Use polygon to select a defined area, check "GHCND" under "GHCN Daily", and scroll/zoom with the Polygon tool that allows for selecting areas outside PA boundaries for inclusion. This is done in order to create a better interpolation for SnowDepth, TMIN TMAX
  4. Selection will bring up all weather stations in area. Look under "Period of Record to determine whether it has data for Jan. 1 1995 Jan. 31 2005 If 1 year out of the 11 is missing, save it. Greater than 1, skip it. Select all that match dates and click "Get Selected Data"
  5. On next page, make "Output date range" as 01 Jan 1995 to 01 Jan 2005 and select the "Custom GHCN-Daily CSV" box and select continue.
    Then select:
    SnowDepth (under Precipitation)
    TMIN (under Air Temperature)
    TMAX (under Air Temperature)
    Be sure to include Include Station Name and Geographic Location (Lat Long Elev)
  6. Wait for email with link then click and Save file as .csv

    Below are specific instructions when retrieving data for a specific station with known GHCND code:

    1. Go to NOAA Climate Data Online: NOAA Data
    2. Select data search Enter GHCND code (but don't include "GHCND:" portion of code in search term) Select "Daily GHCND" as data set
    3. If dates match desired range (see 4), select station and hit continue If not, remain on page and enter new GHCND code in search box
    4. Start date for this project: Jan. 1, 1995 End date: Jan. 31, 2005
    5. Select "Custom GHCN Daily CSV" format option, hit continue
    6. Under Precipitation, select PRCP, SNOW, SNWD
    7. If have Air Temperature, select TMAX, TMIN
    8. Select Station Name in "Additional Output Options" and hit continue
    9. You will receive two emails - one confirming order and one with link to data
    10. Click link, save data as .csv file with Station Name as file name
    11. Click on Data Search, repeat process until have data for all weather stations